The Copts – Part VII

Do attacks on Copts have a certain pattern? The writer further claims that: "Recurring rituals: Special rituals have begun to emerge in all attacks on Copts. One of these is incitement against the infidel Copts from the mosques' loudspeakers…Likewise, the security apparatuses are soft on the aggressors, and collaborate with them. Furthermore, telephone lines are cut so that no calls for help are possible. An additional ritual is blaming the Christians for provoking the Muslims – as if it were they who started the attacks. By God, how can a church bell calling people to prayer every week constitute provocation of Muslims? Is the mere existence of the Copt also a provocation? Saudi Arabia provided financial backing for religious radicalism in Egypt. Unfortunately, three decades later… Egypt has become the largest exporter of extremist sheikhs… The Saudi funds helped paint Egyptian life in the colors of religious extremism. In conclusion, I will say openly that the state is mistaken, and everyone in Egypt is mistaken, if they think that encouraging the majority to persecute the minority will lead to the submission of the Copts. This behavior will lead to collective suicide and the destruction of Egypt", the writer concluded.

Aladdin Elaasar is author of The Last Pharaoh: Mubarak and the Uncertain Future of Egypt in the Obama Age (Excerpts from The Last Pharaoh in this article by permission of Beacon Press). Email:

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