“The Last Pharaoh” dissects the political life in Egypt and Arab countries. The book raised the ire of the Mubarak’s regime as it exposes the deep corruption, grave human rights abuses, authoritarianism of the regime, and its use of anti-Semiticism and anti-Americanism. It also reveals one of Egypt’s worst kept secrets: the story of the expulsion and mass exodus of more than 100,000 Egyptian Jews since the military coup of 1952, and the influence of Nazism on Egyptian and Arab politics.

Packed with facts and telling the story of both modern and ancient Egypt; how the modern Arab and Islamic Worlds evolved, and interviewing experts, politicians, journalists and Western diplomats, Elaasar reveals the secrets of the personality cults behind Mubarak and other MidEastern leaders, and how religion has been exploited to give legitimacy to these oppressive regimes exporting extremism globally and undermining America’s efforts in the War on Terror.

President Obama is likely to face an unbelievably bad choice in the largest Arab country, says Elaasar-- discussing several scenarios that can take place in Egypt. “Would America intervene militarily to preserve Mubarak’s faltering rule? Would Egypt witness another Khomeini-style revolution? Considering the alarming rising poverty figures in Egypt and the disparities between the classes: could Egypt be overrun by an angry and hungry mob, French Revolution style?

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