Israel Kills at Least 40 in School Bombing

Today, the Israeli military bombed or shelled a UN school in Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza, where hundreds of civilians were taking refuge.  Local doctors reported at least 40 killed.  Israel also bombed two other schools in Gaza today, killing 6 other civilians.

Regardless of whether these schools were deliberately targeted, Israel is responsible for the civilian deaths.  Legally, all parties to a conflict are required to take appropriate measures to minimize civilian casualties.  Bombing and shelling a densely populated area of 1.5 million people inherently puts large numbers of civilians at risk.

But more generally, we have to break out of the much-repeated concept of "proportional" attacks.  Israel is morally culpable for all the deaths in Gaza, regardless of the identity of the victim or the nature of the death.  Israel is an illegal occupier, holding millions of Palestinians hostage under an illegitimate colonial regime.  ALL of its military and non-military coercive activities are designed to enforce its illegal regime of repression and control.  All of its actions are designed to steal as much land and resources as possible from Palestinians, while terrorizing Palestinians into submission.  Do not speak to me of "proportionate" responses.  It is time to speak of justice and to criticize the occupying power for the full extent of its crimes.

All deaths in Gaza are unjustified, as they are in furtherance of an unjust, oppressive, and illegal regime.

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Jonah Ayoub is a writer and artist living in Portland, Oregon. He was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

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