Peace in the Middle East? (Part 1)

18 December
Much has changed since last September when the first intimations of of the collapse stunned the complacency of the Western World. President Sarkozy's prophetic statement, ' Le Laissez-faire, c'est fini', in spite of the disbelief of our Leaders and the Stock Exchanges of the world, has come to pass. Indeed if anything, it understates the case. One needs to go back to Marxism to find a fuller analysis; or to Veblen, Spengler, Nietzsche, Hegel, all the way back to Plato. Or to plain commonsense.
First, the collapse of the GOP - God's Own Party. How do we explain the rout of Sen. McCain the hero of Vietnam and that true Christian-American the gentle lady, Sarah Palin who energized the GOP and today even after defeat, has a favorable rating of 72% among Republicans. Two facts will suffice: first, that American Soldiers abroad contributed more to Pres-Elect Obana's campaign than to Mr McCain's : the other is that the worsening economic situation, in September/October became impossible to conceal. The poor-white class who who form the bulk of GOP voters ( and 50+% of the population) lost hope in the willingness of their ruling class to do something about health-care, invest money in America, and help their children get a good high-school education let alone college. The "brave man and women who defend our freedom abroad so that terrorists don't come over here" as the cliches go saw only an uncaring penny-pinching military and political establishment who asked them to buy their own body-armor, pay for their food when in hospital and would do nothing about rehabilitation, about jobs or about training. Meanwhile, the price of gas at the pump was rising even as the profits of oil companies rose into Billions per year.

It is the life of a slave a wage-slave. Their health-care ( such as it is) is tied to their job (such as it is.) And it they did find a better job somewhere else, and planned to move, they could be refused health care at the new place due to that vague clause: a pre-existing health condition. Their children of course, get no consideration. No 'Head Start', no education in school , only testing - under the much ballyhooed 'No Child Left Behind' program - that left the schools so underfunded that teachers have pay for the children's school supplies. If children do fall ill, the parents would get no leave unless they take a pay-cut. And the income? Minimum-wage or something only slightly better, of course. And no Unions - under the specious title - 'Right to Work.' Unions have always been a dirty word with the Employer class. One who seeks to ameliorate these conditions would be damned as a Socialist, an atheist, a destroyer of American Values, or that most horrible epithet of all - a liberal! The cry 'Liberal, Liberal, Liberal !' was sufficient to defeat anyone at the polls.

Second, they noted that $3 Billion+ a week of expenditure on the effort to bring terrorists to justice was getting America nowhere, except deeper into conflict with most of the world, and the contempt of Europeans. After Iraq has been democratized, there is Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Indonesia, and the 1400 million people of the Muslim World , not to speak of the non-Christian non-Muslim world. Sen. McCain offered no way out: he endorsed Pres. Bush's Foreign Policy to the letter, offering only to make it more efficient and that nasty word again, cost effective.

So American voters violated all the hoary taboos. They elected a 'black' man, with limited legislative and executive experience, who had spoken out against the Iraq War - and other wars; and promised to negotiate with the Axis Of Evil.

Meanwhile, the economy of the United States is still spiraling downward.

Once the election was over, the Ruling Class whose billions were safely (as they thought) stashed in hedge funds and private investment banks discovered that these banks and other Financial Companies were sinking under a heavy load of what was called 'toxic mortgages' and other poorly secured debt. Discovered rather suddenly, one might add! As if all the great economists and MBAs of the country did not know, that mortgages were being given out to unqualified buyers ( those white poor and middle class again, seeking to realize the American Dream !) Frankly, who didn't know that! It was an open secret that ever since the Internet Bubble burst back in 2000, the Fed under Alan Greenspan ( a religious Libertarian disciple of the Jewish Exceptionalist, Ayn Rand) dropped interest rates gradually but steadily and withdrew all supervision to let this happen. It was a free-for-all. Credit card debt, and loans against home equity proliferated. The white middle-class were encouraged to live high on the hog. It was called, aptly it turns out, The American Dream. There were two prominent Dissenters: Warren Buffett and George Soros who as early as the spring of 2001, decided to move their wealth elsewhere and stated, publicly, that they were better off for having done so. They were castigated as traitors not for moving their wealth abroad but for saying that the US economy was a mess! The Wall Street Journal duly noted that their philanthropic tendencies were a threat to America - and they added Bill Gates to this set: Gates had created a Foundation comprising most of his share of Microsoft to alleviating health conditions of the poor around the world. This is anathema to a Calvinist: God made them poor because of their sins, and we shouldn't interfere with the punishment God visits upon them.

Once the Ruling Class found this plausible excuse, it was trumpeted as the cure for would be to pump $700 Billion into the Banks. For a short while, we were informed that it was unscrupulous mortgage writers ( Bad people!) who had caused the problem - much like the unqualified clerk Nick Leeson the rogue trader who single-handedly it is alleged, brought down that venerable British banking Institution, Barings Bank, the personal bank of HM the Queen, no less. Of course nobody will tell us where the money went - Leeson was onla fall guy! Barings was sold for $1. 65 to ING the Dutch bank. The Congress found it convenient to agree with this analysis. The Congress gave Secy. Paulson ( a Goldman Sachs former executive who retired with $550 Million,) the grand sum of $750 Billion - exactly what he wanted : he very graciously limited his take to half of it, leaving the other half for the next administration. The credulousness of the American People, is evidently unbounded. The cynic would suggest that the savings of our politicians depended on the viability of these very banks.
It was called a bailout of the banks and was touted as a cure-all; until was noted that the banks weren't lending the money to needy borrowers! They kept it for themselves: which is precisely what one would do if one were gifted $750 Billion. Some Republican curmudgeons didn't go along for a while; but the argument of self interest eventually won them over. They were won over when reminded that Vice-President Cheney's company, Halliburton, had been moved from Houston to Dubai two years ago. Looking after one's self-interests was patriotic and normal contra the argument used against Buffett and Soros earlier. Congress should save the banks as a patriotic duty. If done quickly the wealthy Arab Sheikhs could be enticed into coming in with their own money.

It is one disaster after the other. Now it was the turn of the Automotive Big 3 of Detroit for their share of bailout funds. Since politicians had no particular financial interest in them, they could be refused on the specious ground that the formerly all-powerful labor union the UAW had kept costs high ( that damned health-care again) compared top the non-union labour of the South working for foreign manufacturers. Led by several Southern Senators, the bill to provide a measly $14 Bill was turned down. That blue-collar Reagan Democrats might be teed-off was pooh-poohed. The State of Michigan votes Democratic anyway - and moreover, the Reagan-Democrats, pious Catholics, may be turned on by the Christian values of Gov. Palin who is as much against abortion as the Pope is. President Bush and VP Cheney, pretended initially to supporting the request of the Big 3, but after turning up their hopes, it now appears that Pres. Bush will not provide the $14 Bill from the TARP funds (in Paulson's hands) unless the UAW is rendered ineffective - exactly as Southern Senators wanted in the first place. There the situation stands as of this moment.

Now, out of the blue, God's Own Party has been handed a glorious opportunity to blunt Obama's popular appeal. It is possible, the God's Own Party believes, to tie him to Illinois Gov. Blagojevich. But Blago's lawyer points out that all Blago did was talk - and that he had yet to commit a crime: Prosecutor Fitzgerald had as he himself acknowledged, jumped the gun by releasing his evidence of the Blago wiretaps. The Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear a case for Blago being held incompetent to govern! Such are the shifting quicksands of American Politics.
It is this writer's belief that nobody should ever count the GOP out; because the American people are ( after 500 years of insistent indoctrination,) convinced that America is 'exceptional.'

And so is Israel. It is God's Plan that America has been chosen not only to establish the Jewish State that God promised in Deuteronomy, but to defend her with all its might - until the Second Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ as foretold, inerrantly, in the book of Revelations.

After that event which can be hastened by allowing Israel to rebuild the Temple, expelling the remainder of the Arabs, ( descendants of Philistines, Moabites, Midianites and what not, whom King David conquered.)

Then, when the Red Cow has been sacrificed, the Messiah will descend slowly upon the new Temple - and all the people of the world will be able to watch His descent - as St. Augustine described it, the sphericity of the Earth will be abolished temporarily by a timely miracle.

The great majority of the people of the US are believing Christians of a Calvinist variety. They may well feel that opposing the Pres-Elect's efforts (if he so decides) to bring peace to the Middle East.

They may well feel, that all of the nation's economic and other troubles, are a tribulation visited upon them by God; and that, when Pres. Palin takes over in 2012, all will be set right once again.

They may even excuse Pres. Bush as bumbling idiot, and Sen. McCain a man too old to think and act properly. By the Grace of God Almighty, if only we steadfastly proclaim our faith, we will regain our Prosperity and preeminence!

What, then, are the prospects for Peace! ? ( to be continued.)

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