Activists Once Again Break Gaza Siege

The press is reporting that a fourth boat filled with supplies has reached Gaza from Larnaca, Cyprus. The shipments are part of a private effort on the part of human rights activists to help bring aid and hope to the people of Gaza, who are under a weeks-long total closure.

This latest feat shows the total impotence of world governments, particularly those of the Middle East and Europe, in the face of Israel's actions. These governments simply do not want to do want it takes to put real pressure on Israel.

That is why the world has seen in recent years and increasing initiative on the part of private individuals and civil society groups to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians, as well as a growing sign that Palestinians are taking it upon themselves to do what their supposed representatives will not do.  Inside Palestine, a growing movement of creative non-violent resistance has won much attention in towns like Bil'in, Nil'in, Budrous and elsewhere.  The Palestinian initiative of boycott, divestment and sactions against Israel is also leading a world-wide effort to put non-violent political, economic and cultural pressure on Israel.  See the web site of the Global BDS Movement here. This movement is growing in momentum and will continue to embarrass governments around the world.

Once again, people are demonstrating that they must lead if their leaders are to follow.

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Jonah Ayoub is a writer and artist living in Portland, Oregon. He was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

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