5 Weeks Until the Election!

5 Weeks Until the Election!
September 25, 2008
Step Three: Vote Early
Not looking forward to those lines at the voting booth? At least 34 states, plus the District of Columbia, allow residents to vote before November 4th. Absentee voting means mailing your ballot; early voting is when voters cast their ballots in person at the offices of county clerks or other approved voting stations. Find out which states allow early voting and what their guidelines are by clicking here.
Don't forget! The deadline to register to vote is October 4th in most states. Make sure you and everyone you know is registered in time to vote on November 4th. Not sure if you are? Click here to find out...
Candidates' Nights Continue...
As you get ready to watch the presidential debate this Friday, do you wish you could be the one asking the questions? Candidates' Nights and Issue Forums offer you the opportunity to speak with and hear from local candidates, elected officials, and surrogates from both the McCain and Obama presidential campaigns. Get involved in Florida, Michigan, California, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey and New York--all of these states are hosting a Candidates' Night or Issues Forum in the weeks leading up to the election. Click here for the list of event locations and details. Can't find an event near you? Volunteer to host one yourself!
Monitoring Muslims is constitutional...
In a ruling issued on Wednesday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said that a post-9/11 program requiring visitors from 24 Arab and Muslim countries and North Korea to register with immigration authorities was constitutional. That requirement has been phased out, but the names and information of those individuals still exist in a database. Read the USA Today article, and stay tuned to AAI's website for more updates on this issue.
November's not as far away as it seems. Don't forget to sign the Yalla Vote '08 National Declaration and subscribe to the Yalla Vote RSS feed or visit yallavote.org to keep up to date on how this year's elections are shaping up across the nation. Help AAI make Arab American voices heard in this election. Your generous support helps us organize town hall meetings and issue forums, put people on the ground in key, Yalla Vote states, and advocate for Arab Americans on the Hill. We can't do it without you.
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Christina is currently Director of Communications at the Arab American institute. She posts for b5 media and spearheads the Yalla Vote initiative. Christina has extensive background in communications, journalism, and Marketing.

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