Georgians Fear Russian Fervor to Bring Them Back into the Fold Again

Anyone who knows even a little history about Georgia knows that they have always been the defenders not aggressors. They defend their sovereignty, not attack other territory or countries. A very small country, they have always fought hard to stay out of the hands of Russians; now is no different.
It was Russia who so long ago took Georgian people out of their land in the middle of the night to commit genocide on these people, as well as transport masses to lands which they did not belong, trying to turn them into Russians.
Russians took people from their own countries in this vast area to include Georgia and transported them to Russian territories, gave them Russian identities and forced them to become and finally believe they were Russians. Of course, there are Russians in South Ossetia; Russians too were transplanted from their non-native land during the glory days of the USSR.
Now, Russia just wants Georgia to be theirs once again and do not want any of the former Soviet countries to live independently. The closer Georgia, and also Ukraine, get to Europe or joining NATO, the more aggressive Russia has become in the past few years.
Russia could not hit Georgia in any way but militarily now because they ran out of all other options. Russia cut off oil to Georgia, so they'd have no heat in winter. That didn't work; Georgians survived a brutal winter. They cut off Georgian exports to Russia, so they'd have no income from the massive former USSR; that didn't work. Georgia prospered. They even planted moles throughout the country to undermine the democratic government and try to corrupt the brave spirits of Georgians. I ask who are the aggressors here?
Does Russia want to completely lose a country with people who have such a strong spirit and have fought to remain independent, democratic and free from the Soviets many times throughout decades?
Each time Georgia has claimed their independence, Russia has perpetrated despicable acts against Georgia, and similarly, against many of their other former nations, not theirs to begin with.
Does anyone with half a brain think that Georgia would attack another country or territory with less than 5 million of their own population and an army so small that their numbers do not equate to a small township in America?
Would you think it wise for a developing Georgia to wake up one day and say, "Oh yes, I think I'll attack a Russian territory today or South Ossetia for that matter? That will certainly help development."
South Ossetia is part of Georgia and not a Russian territory or nation. The Russians know that if they can penetrate Georgia through South Ossetia that it will be easier to cripple Georgia once again, and thus take over the Georgian land and repeat history.
And what have the Russians done so far? They have penetrated Georgia, a sovereign nation, with their bombs, military might and other weaponry. It is not just in South Ossetia these crimes have occurred. The penetration has been felt all the way to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi!
Is this the new Russia, so free and democratic with their rhetoric? I think not! The Russian government has never changed; they just took a breather to gird up once again to hungrily consume other people and nations that have not bowed to them.
Have we forgotten how the Russian government managed to take back all their utilities from those who had built it up after the USSR fall? And how about the oil companies who were also exploring and finding oil in Russia, just to be ousted out of their finds by the Russian government? Does this mean nothing? No, it means that Russia will not sleep, ever, until they take back all they once had and through their usual hateful and detestable deeds.
I pray that Georgians will call on their patron saint, St. George, to help them gird up against the Russian aggressors and enable Georgia to keep their sovereign land and maintain their freedom and democratic ideology.
Save Georgia! It does not belong to Russia, nor are Georgians Russian!
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