Solving the Great Religious Divide: Who Speaks for Islam? Part 2

As I sat in a room filled to capacity waiting with others to learn more about 'Who Speaks for Islam', I observed one thing: People 40 years of age and below are just not interested, at least not here in Des Moines. The area was humming with interest by baby boomers. Boomers who've already visited or lived in other parts of the world and pursue a curiosity for life.
The room demographics revealed baby boomers have a keen interest in this issue while the younger people didn't even show up. How can such issues not attract the young? It's their world, too, that's changing; all the while Turkey and many countries are now becoming a bread basket of multiculturalism.
I expect the boomers, not only built careers with their open minds and forging the non-profit sectors in America, but now they also show up in force to solve the problems, understand the issues, and learn where to go from here. 'Who Speaks for Islam' is one such issue of our times.
Where are the children of all these baby boomers? I know where! Stuck in their self-centered, individualistic worlds of the past two decades in which the boomers probably so eloquently created.
Can we solve how to bridge the great religious divide without the involvement of our youth? Not a chance. We need to invigorate our communities now with a blend of ages, educational levels and mind-thought.
Here in the Midwest of America, we have organizations that sponsor these great events to encourage mind-expansion and critical thought about our world. The Iowa Council for International Understanding and the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy and the forge ties with other countries' thinkers, movers and shakers bringing people from around the world to discuss their most urgent issues.
So ask yourself: When was the last time you attended an event solely to learn something new, express yourself, or commune with others dedicated to healing the world's ills?
I invite you now to weigh in with your opinion on just whose responsibility it is to bridge the gap between Muslims and the rest of the world? I believe it's mine.
Read the next segment on this issue in a couple of days and please share your comments on each part.
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