Slingshot Hip Hop!

Congratulations to Jackie Salloum! Her new film Slingshot Hip Hop, a documentary about Palestinian hip hop artists, made it into the Sundance Film Festival! Check Ibn Bint Jbeil for more clips of her films and commentary, and visit Zapagringo to learn how you can help support post-production neccessities for the film.

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About Nadia Abou-Karr

Nadia is a Palestinian-American writer based in Detroit. She recently received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Wayne State University and plans to pursue graduate studies in Visual Culture/Criticism. She is an artist, writer, media maker and activist. Currently Nadia is working with the Allied Media Conference, TheCulturalConnect, and writing for Detroit's Metro Times. She has written and contributed to numerous different zines and independent publications, and blogs at Her interests include printmaking, fiber arts, Palestinian liberation, women of color feminism and art theory.

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