Another Activist Arrested in Iran

The women's rights' activist Jelveh Javaheri (???? ??????) was arrested today by the Revolutionary Courts. She was summoned to the court today and was arrested on charges of disrupting the public opinion, anti-regime propaganda, and spreading false news. Javaheri is a sociology graduate student and has been active in women rights' groups for a long time. Her activities included writing articles as well as translation of related material.

Javaheri was amongst the activists who were arrested last March after their calm protest was disrupted by the Police (see: Police Violence in Iran against Activist Women). She will join Maryam Hosseinkhah, another activist who has been in the infamous Evin Prison for about two weeks now (see: Activist Woman Arrested) [Persian].

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Arash Kamangir is an Iranian graduate student. He relocated to Canada in September 2005. Since October 2004 Arash, has maintained his blog "Kamangir" which talks about Iran, Islam, the Islamic Republic of Iran and their interdependence as well as their differences. His work can be summarized as trying to show the diversity in Iran, through translating posts from Persian blogs. Akram Mahdavi waiting for her execution and a "Discount" from a hosting company - The Iranian Connection

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