A letter to Arabisto.com readers: Support the OneVoice Movement

A letter to Arabisto.com readers: Support the OneVoice Movement

By: Nadia Gergis

NEW YORK -- October 2, 2007 (Arabisto.com):

Arabisto.com was founded in September 2006 and since then I have always refrained from asking Arabisto.com readers to support, join or endorse any agencies and their endeavors for peace.
Today I ask, and hope that you can understand why OneVoice has my complete support. I hope that you will also join the OneVoice Movement and sign the OneVoice Mandate.
Last week while on vacation in New York, I had a chance to meet and speak to Daniel Lubetzky --founder of PeaceWorks Holdings LLC, who oversees the The PeaceWorks Foundation and The OneVoice Movement.


Thank you Daniel and Leah from Accidentally Jewish for the kind invitation to ThinkTank and for giving Arabisto.com the opportunity to meet like minded bloggers.
Mr. Lubetzky needs our help to tell the Israeli Knesset and the Palestinian Legislative Council that by this time next year, the two sides must agree to a two-state solution. Lubetzky and the OneVoice Mandate calls on Palestinian President Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to start immediate, uninterrupted negotiations until a comprehensive two-state solution is reached.
OneVoice aims to get to a million citizen signature to their mandate/petition by the end of 2007.
By signing the “OneVoice Mandate” – which implores elected leaders stop the blood letting and return to negotiations – it shows that the Palestinian and Israeli moderate majority is alive and well. They are taking back the political agenda from the minority of extremists and hardliners.
A well-respected and major supporter from the Arab American community is a man we are all familiar with, founder of the Arab American Institute Dr. James Zogby. HM King Adbullah II ibn al Hussein of Jordan is also a supporter.  Many others are as well.

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Nadia was born in New York City but spent her formative years in Cairo, Egypt. She completed two years at the American University in Cairo before transferring to Florida Southern College, where she obtained a bachelors degree in print and broadcast journalism. She has a masters degree in strategic communication from New Jersey-based Seton Hall University. She is married and lives in central Florida.

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