Integrating Muslims – a Matter of Faith?

The Pew Research Center's poll of Muslims in America fails in one key way: as has been the case since 9/11, Muslims are classed as a group regardless of nationality.



Islam is a religion, not a race, country or culture, and while there are of course many commonalities between Muslims from different countries, there are also differences.


A letter in the UK's Financial Times on 25 May from Chris Doyle, director of CAABU (Council for Arab-British Understanding) pointed out very eloquently that "the success - or failure - of Muslim communities to integrate has little to do with their faith" and points out that communities tend to form around shared nationalities rather than religion.


With the current Western fixation on the integration of Muslims into the host society, the letter also points out that "British expatriates all over the world have created isolated communities where so often they do not speak the host language or engage meaningfully with their surrounding society and culture." Unsurprisingly no-one has ever suggested the legion of Brits living in Spain shoud be adopting their host country's culture and language and values...


The full letter can be found here:

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