Death of a Bigot — Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell just died ... and I'm not sure how to react.


I should be overjoyed, yet I'm still calm about the whole story. Maybe it's the surprise of it all. Maybe it has yet to settle in.


I mean we are talking about Jerry Falwell here, the head of the so-called "Moral Majority," the leading anti-gay crusader, a major dispenser of hate against Muslims and Arabs, one of the original leaders of the so-called "Christian Zionist" movement.


For years I have held nothing but hate and contempt against Jerry Falwell.


He represented to me all things wrong about this country.  I have always felts that he and his followers have hijacked Christianity from us in the same way that Bin Laden has done with Islam.  His remarks about AIDS and 9/11 still resonate and still make my blood boil.  His silly remarks about the gay community only increased ignorance and hate in this country.


So, I should be very happy. I should be out there offering champagne to my loved ones and neighbors.


Yet, it just feels like an other day in my life ... for now.


Mabrouk to humanity. Mabrouk to America and welcome to hell "reverend." There is a special seat reserved just for you.  Can you please take Pat Robertson with you?

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Ramzi Zakharia is a Palestinian-American blogger who was born in Beirut and is now based in New York City. He works in the media and advertising sector and has strong insights into both Arab and US media outlets. Ramzi is also very involved in the Arab-American Community and is one of the founders of the Gay and Lesbian Arab Society (GLAS). In addition to politics, his passions include media, new technologies, and the arts. Ramzi lives with his partner and dog in suburban New Jersey.

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