What are we focused on?

I really wish NBC hadn't aired those videos and picutres of Cho. They shouldn't have done that. He basically looks like an action hero. It glorifies him and I think gives incentive to copycat criminals. Even Cho referred back to "the martyrs of Columbine." Stop giving him press, especially when the press is pictures of him in movie like poses with weapons.


Oh by the way, 170 people died in Iraq on the same day. But there are no profiles of the victims. No interviews with the families. People aren't changing their default Myspace pictures to peace symbols. No Iraqis are being flow in to go on Oprah to talk about their friend who died in the explosion. Just another number. Most days it's around 7-20, this time it was around 170. That's a lot of people people.


It seems that people don't have any empathy until they see something of the victims in themselves. Wow she was a student, I too was a student. I too am Lebanese, I too liked horses. I too grew up in Virigina, I too love French, I too live in America. Could that have been me?


Nobody sees anything of themselves in victims of a war torn Arab country. Which isn't entirely all our fault, we see numbers on the news and forget about it faster than a stock ticker. If the media wants to do any good, focus on the people of Iraq, show their daily lives, not just the war.  Profile the victims the way they did with the victims at Virginia Tech. Even if it takes pages and pages, ESPECIALLY if it takes pages and pages. It would serve as a much needed reality check.

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