Paris III – The Sequel To The Sequel

The list of donors in support of Lebanon from the Paris III meeting is out.. let's take a look at the various donations...

SAUDI ARABIA: Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said Saudi Arabia would give $1.0 billion to help development projects and a further $100 million in budget support.


Thank you Hariri family.. now, let's hope some of that money makes it to the people that need it the most (i.e The South), and not go on yet another super luxury resort on the outskirts of Beirut. (or worse, swiss accounts)

UNITED STATES: $770 million, conditional on approval of U.S. Congress. A senior U.S. official said it would include $250 million in cash transfers tied to economic reforms. A further $220 million will fund Lebanese military equipment and training. $184 million goes to support the international peacekeeping mission, $60 million to train and equip security forces, $50 million to fund reconstruction projects and $5.5 million for demining.

Keyword here is "conditional on approval of U.S. Congress", watch Tom Lantos, Ileana Ross and Lieberman spring into action on that one... as they say (Ataloh El Ateel wou mishyouh bi Jzantoh...) Murder a victim, then attend their funeral...

ARAB MONETARY FUND: $700 million over the next five years.
WORLD BANK: $700 million in additional funding to support implementation of the government's program. Up to $400 million could be made available this year.

Sweet... keep an eye on when and where those $$ go

FRANCE: 500 million euro ($649.4 million) loan "with very favorable conditions".

Merci, but it's a loan.. on top of all our other debts... it will take generations after us to pay back, if ever...

EUROPEAN UNION: Almost 400 million euros of additional aid in the form of grants and loans.

Oh, look, more loans...

EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK: 960 million euros divided into 400 million euros for priority investments, notably in the electricity sector, and 560 million for the private sector.

Private sector? Really?  Why?  Follow the money trail there...



ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK: Financial package of $250 million for social services and basic infrastructure.

BRITAIN: $48 million to U.N. agency dealing with refugees in Lebanon and $115 million over the next four years for reconstruction projects with no conditions.

BELGIUM: 20 million euros.

OMAN: $10 million.

ITALY: 120 million euros, made up of 65 million euros in low interest rate credits and a gift of 55 million euros. It also offered a suspension of Lebanon's commercial debt repayments to Italy.

SPAIN: 35 million euro grant in 2007-2008.

BRAZIL: $1 million donation.

MALAYSIA: $1 million, prepared to discuss rescheduling existing bond maturities.

SWEDEN: 4.5 million euros, all channeled through the United Nations Development Program.

AUSTRIA: 1 million euros to help improve living conditions and for economic reforms
SLOVENIA: 100,000 euros in 2007.

GREECE: 5 million euros for reconstruction.

IRELAND: 2 million euros, as grant with no conditions.


GERMANY: About 103 million euros, including about 63 million euros for reconstruction work and 40 million euros for equipping security forces on the Lebanese border.

NORWAY: $15 million for activities including coastal management, the petroleum sector, support for Palestinian refugees and work against cluster munitions.


Thank You, Merci, Gracias, Grazie....

EGYPT: $44 million for rebuilding infrastructure.

Add that to the tab of the US...

CANADA: 20 million Canadian dollars ($17 million).

Merci, no thanks, no Merci, no thanks.... heey

DENMARK: $3.5 million, focused on improving lives of people in south Lebanon.

Ok, that's what it all should be about ...

SOUTH KOREA: $1 million.

CHINA: 30 million yuan ($3.86 million).

AUSTRALIA: 5 million Australian dollars ($3.9 million) for U.N. and related relief activities, planning to allocate a further A$2 million to high priority community action programs.


Thanks, thanks and thanks ....

I'm very pleased to hear about those generous donations (despite my sarcastic tone), my fear is that in the extremely corrupted environment we have, those funds will end up in the same coffers that held previous donations from Paris I and II.

The best thing the current government can do to calm things down in the country is immediately turn most of these funds to the regions and communities that need them the most.


Creating opportunities in the areas where the "opposition" rules is the best way to deflate their popularity.

We'll be watching ...

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