Hariri TV… 24/7

Just what the Arab World needed, another 24hr News Channel... Future TV from Lebanon announced that they will be launching a new all-news channel: "Future News" as early as this coming April.


Chairman of Future TV, Nadim Munla, admits that the TV will have its own biases towards the Future Movement in Lebanon (read Saad Hariri).  Munla also insists that the venture will be profitable in a very short period. Arab new network such as Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya who have been around much longer, have yet to show a profit.  Advertisers in that region simply shy away from any news or political content.


Ok, so let's see.. by my count, we have Orange TV for Aoun, Manar for Hizbullah, Two Future stations for Hariri, NBN for Amal (Berri), LBC for the phalangists, not to mention the official stations, TeleLiban, and countless private non-political networks... all in a country with a population less than that of Manhatan...

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